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Untitled Paintings

These pieces are exactly what I want to be creating. When I start painting one, I work without needing a clear purpose other than the desire to create. The paint starts flowing in waves of yellows, oranges, reds, and purples. A rough pencil sketch in the middle becomes the rich blues of the interlocking shapes without fretting over implications of the form or the way the yellows would interact. When I finish the background, the natural shading created by my brush strokes guides my subconscious and its decisions as the interlocking forms are added to the canvas. 

The experience is very relaxing and fulfilling. I like entering the flow state and letting my mind wander across all kinds of topics from current events to childhood memories. These pieces are inspired by my mothers absent-minded sketching while on the phone and I think that the state of creating while not focusing has the ability to access some of the most hidden parts of our psyche. The hand moves without needing much conscious effort allowing the mind to wander and contemplate the worries of the day. This in turn feeds those thoughts subconsciously back into the hand affecting the final piece. 

Below is a selection of originals, posters, stickers, and postcards I have created using this process. 

Add some vibrant art to your collection and share what your favorite piece is!

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