Those rocks though!

I am super stoked about how the rocks came out in front of the grass cliff. I had originally intended to make it a straight dirt berm as if soil had been eroded but changed to a rocky shoreline and it worked so well. I started with large blocky sections of three shades of grey and then started layering more detail. By the end, the original blocks were gone so next time I will just jump straight into the detail. I don't want the rocks to look super realistic so this feels like the right stopping point. It's enough that I believe they are rocks, but not so much that one would question if it's a painting or a photograph. I wonder if I could make realistic rocks, that's a question for another day. For now, I leave these for your to enjoy.

I was also able to detail the grass and add some trunks for the trees. I still want to add some smaller Soulyps either on the rocks or playing in the trees - also orange?

Well, I probably won't work on this again till Saturday and at the pace I am going, I will be surprised if it is done before next weekend. I'll keep posting updates along the way.

Stay safe and love each other.

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