Starting with the blue

I got the water and sky done one this piece. I am hoping to make the water look like a lake, possibly a reservoir. The sky took three attempts as the color never blended correctly or I dripped water down the canvas and had to fill back in....

Anyway, the sky looks good to me, if you have any insights or pointers on painting clear blue sky (apart from doing it before blocking in the mountains) I would love to hear it. The water still needs a lot of detail: waves, texture, complexity. I will start with some detail and see how it goes. My general plan is to fill in a base layer of water, then rocks and grass, then mountains, then trees. After this the main Soulyp is next and I am debating adding some additional Soulyps in the rocks or in the trees on the left as onlookers or as joyous beings frolicking in their environment.

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