Ready to Win

If you haven't heard the song "Ready to Win" by the Tokyo Police Club stop here and go listen to it.

I had an interesting experience this weekend that has shifted my outlook on attitude and the power of thought. I was camping with my girlfriend out in Cle Elum, in the snow as you do here in the PNW.

We have been playing Monopoly Deal quite a bit which I viewed as a fairly luck based game and I had been playing with that attitude, except I would keep loosing. No matter how I tried to change my strategy I kept coming up short. We played a couple games that night, both of which I lost and at this point I was getting tired of loosing and visibly a bit frustrated. When I asked how it was possible that she could keep winning the answer was simple, "because I believe it." Now if you know me well, you know my logic brain scoffs a bit and goes into a full analysis of the likelihood of belief having an influence on the order of cards in a randomly shuffled deck and then it determines that there is no possible way my thoughts could have a physical influence on the outcome of the game. But as we talked a bit more she told me of times where people she has known had a winners aura about them and I thought of all the successful people I know. They do seem to have a quality about them that makes them destined to succeed, and what if that really is just their belief in the outcome? What if all it takes to be successful at your chosen task is to believe that you will be? Well I reset my mental space and asked to play again. I focused on my belief that I would win the game and dismissed my thoughts about the order of the cards or the need for certain cards, what was in my hand were the winning cards. And I won. And lying there after contemplating the power of thought I had a sense of determination and calmness descend on me in unison.

"I am going to make a living selling my art"

The simple determined statement filled my thoughts and it felt true and possible. The fears of failure abated.

"I am ready to win"

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