Love the mountains, the trees need some time

I filled in the mountains without much blending and I like the end result. It reminds me of a paint-by-numbers result. I tried to keep a little hint of green in all the colors which make up the mountains and the same base color was mixed into all the whites and blacks on the mountains.

The trees in the background look decent at this size although I am debating covering them over to match the look of the mountains. A closer inspection of the tress leaves me feeling underwhelmed since there isn't any discernible detail so I think a coarser level of detail may look better as it matches the amount of attention I wish to have paid to those trees. I'll leave it for a few days and decide then.

I left some of the original color blocking visible along the shore since it ended up looking like rolling grass hills without needing additional texture.

Many of my friends are visiting Colorado at the moment and paired with the painting of a lake that could easily be in Colorado makes me long for a mountain adventure. This Soulyp is ready to run through the pines and dunk it's feet in the cold mountain water.

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