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Going big

The initial plan and color blocking for a new painting.

I have been keeping my paintings to a relatively small 11x17 or 9x12 but I decided to go to a larger 24x36 for this one. For my nature, specifically mountains, are somewhere where I find great pleasure and relaxation. I often go running on our local trail system and in the right moment it is the most at peace and alive I feel. I have been trying to figure out how to represent that feeling in a painting and this is my next attempt. This Soulyp has found its connection to nature by wading out into a lake. The cool water washing over it, the sun warming it, and a nice breeze coming off the water bringing the scent of pine to it.

When I originally sketched this I gave the Soulyp 5 tentacles which gave it more movement but also cluttered up the image so I am going to stick with the standard 3.

I want the Soulyp to look like it is moving through the water toward the right at a slow lumbering pace as this is a rather large part of who I am so it feels like it should physically take up a lot of space too.

We will see what round two of color blocking brings as I want to color the sky and water at the same time and also define the rock ledge a bit more.

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