February 1 2021

Cashing in on the GME craze.

I've been lurking on the wallstreetbets sub reddit for a while and came across some interesting discussions a few weeks ago about the GameStop expected squeeze. I read a lot of the research that was posted about it and thought, "this has a reasonable chance of happening."

Now I am looking at a $ figure which means I can pursue my artwork more fully without the need for a second job, well at least for a good amount of time. I am excited that I might finally get to live the dream that has been swimming in the back of my mind since I first met Yatika Fields (if you don't know him, go check out his work His life of creativity, adventure, activism, and travel instantly made me wonder how I could follow a similar path.

So in honor of the subreddit that kickstarted this possibility, I give you "To The Moon! GME-WSB-YOLO"

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