Digging In

How many layers deep can one really bury their thoughts and feelings - how deep inside can anguish exist hidden from you.

It's strange at what point in time a revelation hits you. Without warning a sudden clarity dawns on you.

"You made a mistake..."

You think of what you should have done differently.

"Why did I say it that way?"

You agonize and beat yourself up.

"How did you not recognize this in the moment"

A further realization of the implications of that decision settles in.

You swirl in thought - a mix of sadness, loss, loneliness, and desperation.


At some point the feelings subside, they shrink into a memory, they become a piece of you.

A piece that had been previously obscured by a lie you told yourself.

Now a piece that will forever help shape you.

You wake.

You live.

You make mistakes.

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