Death by Screen

How many hours lost?

How many likes given?

How many opportunities missed?

I have a love hate relationship with the screens in my life. I think technology has both brought us closer together and also pushed us further apart. It has allowed us to have all the endless possibilities for entertainment just a tap away. But are we better off? Have we achieved some higher level of existence through technology?

Let's first think about what progress looks like to humanity, I think that science fiction provides a glimpse of what people at large think progress looks like. When science fiction depicts a future where humanity has advanced and is flourishing, people are better educated, less violent, social programs and projects are the norm, and exploration and discovery is at the heart of civilization.

On the other side, when civilization is broken or dissolved people are violent, tribalistic, and basic survival is a top priority for most of if not all of humanity.

So when I think about where we are headed with our screens I see us becoming more and more disconnected, tribalistic, violent, and economically unstable.

Your phone may be the cause of the collapse of our society if we don't take the time too appreciate those around us or take care to think before we act.

Pull out of the white hole, look around, enjoy the life you have.

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