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Daily Thoughts January 25th 2021

Random anxiety today, kind of came out of nowhere after a very good weekend and everything looking like it's on the up and up. You can't always predict when shitty feelings creep in and can't always pinpoint where they come from. I wish I was able to pinpoint where anxiety comes from all the time. It's easy and major life events to know that you're anxious about a loss or an unknown, but when it comes out of the blue and you can't pinpoint where it's coming from everything kind of comes into question and that head space is not conducive to much of anything. So I took the sketch / quick painting I had of anxiety with the figure perched on a platform and painted that today. I want to delve more into previous times when anxiety kind of controlled my life and what that felt like and what I did with that, but I will leave that for the blog post about the painting about anxiety.

If anyone is feeling super anxious about anything feel free to reach out and tell me your story sometimes that is more than enough to ease your mind.

Unfinished Anxiety Painting

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