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Daily Thoughts January 14 2021

Already missed a day, oh well. I've been working to learn photography as well in my endeavors and I got a bunch of new equipment to do this. The phone camera and living room lights weren't cutting it. So I got a new Canon rebel SL3, it does what I need it to so far I'll let you know if I have any issues. I got some large light diffusers which actually have light at 5,000 k. And I also ended up getting some polarized lenses for the camera. I think the most recent pictures that came out have very little glare if not at all coming off the paintings which is a big improvement over some of the previous pictures. My plan for the evening is to work on "devour me" some more. I don't know if I can finish it today but I'll keep going. I want to do something more vibrant or engaging for the background which I need to plan more fully so I might stop and do some small works to brainstorm.

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