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Back to Nature - The final painting

Well, that's a wrap! I finished my work on this painting which I am calling "Back to Nature" as it represents my desire to be close to nature, in the mountains, running up the hills, and dipping my feet in the water. I appreciate the time I can spend on my local Turkey Mountain as the trails are my escape from the city and even when the park is crowded the trails are so intertwined and the vegetation so thick that you are often alone on the hills. The smaller two Soulyps are taking in the scene, relaxing in the sun and enjoying the sites that nature has to offer. The largest of the Soulyps is free to wander the hills and the lake without restriction, this is the draw of mountains for me as I often feel restricted in my day to day - trapped in an office with very little desire to be there.

I liked working with the bigger 24x36 canvas as it allowed for detail to be added without much effort. I think I may stick to larger canvases in the future.

It took a few more attempts at the water than I would have liked but I am pleased with the final product. The reflections of the mountains and the large Soulyps are representative of the larger object but I think they are faint enough that they do not detract from the painting. I wanted the path your eyes follow to start at the large Soulyp, follow the mountain range to the left then finish on the rocky outcropping with the two smaller Soulyps. The far shore is only a reference of trees and there is very little detail which if I look to close seems lacking but the painting as a whole seems balanced.

All in all I'm excited with this one and I look forward to the next large painting.

Stay safe out there and love each other.

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