Needed Self Destruction
Needed Self Destruction - Painting by Peter Ver Brugge

How many layers deep can one really bury their thoughts and feelings - how deep inside can anguish exist hidden from you.


It's strange at what point in time a revelation hits you. Without warning a sudden clarity dawns on you.

"You made a mistake..."

You think of what you should have done differently.

"Why did I say it that way?"

You agonize and beat yourself up.

"How did you not recognize this in the moment"

A further realization of the implications of that decision settles in.

You swirl in thought - a mix of sadness, loss, loneliness, and desperation.


At some point the feelings subside, they shrink into a memory, they become a piece of you.

A piece that had been previously obscured by a lie you told yourself.

Now a piece that will forever help shape you.

You wake.

You live.

You make mistakes.

The original piece is 16"x20" and is acrylic on stretched canvas. Prints are available on both poster paper and canvas.

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