Soulyps, a combination of soul and polyp, are the muses of my emotional experiences and my artwork. The shape of each Soulyp is similar, a circular body with three tentacles, and they resemble octopi which is a common observation I hear. This shape came about kind of by accident, but I have fallen in love with the forms. 
When I first started painting, I wanted to paint an orb of light being held out to the viewer in a detached hand. This literal representation of offering a piece of my soul to the viewer is what I really wish to convey with my art, so the concept has not left but the shape has changed through iteration. When I was painting my first Soulyp, I started with just an orb and made it dripping with smaller shapes. While the glowing aspect was not incorporated, the shape seemed alive. As I developed the idea further, I came to a more solid shape and with three appendages. I like the challenge of finding how to convey emotions such as loss, love, self-loathing, and joy  and seeing how Soulyps’ abstractness allows these expressions.  For instance, my pieces “Fulfilled” and “Needed Self Destruction” both feature two Soulyps wrapped around each other, but they offer two very different emotional experiences. “Fulfilled” shows a tender embrace with love and closeness being the driving emotions while “Needed Self Destruction” has one Soulyp strangling the other and is a violent interpretation of personal change. Overall, Soulyps express the human experience through the abstract.

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